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May 2, 2013

Commentary on innovations and progress at the intersection of business, climate and energy strategy

Solar Energy Now Cost-Effective In Oregon

Our new report for the Oregon Solar Energy Industries Association, their “Vision to Integrate Solar in Oregon” (VISOR) documents how large-scale solar energy power plants are now cost-effective in Oregon.  The VISOR report can be downloaded here. VISOR 2013_04

This chart illustrates the economic performance of a solar power plant built in Central Oregon and interconnected to PacifiCorp’s transmission and distribution system. The energy would be sold to PacifiCorp via a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA). PPA revenue is based on the utility’s 2012 avoided cost rates as regulated by the Oregon PUC. The levelized $/MWh is shown for the production cost (red bars), PPA revenue (blue bars) and PPA revenue plus the value of avoided carbon emissions (green bars).


For more on Oregon solar energy strategy please download the VISOR report.

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