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We help frame and solve interesting problems. For example …

  • How can companies compete better in their industry sector by completely offsetting their fossil energy use and carbon emissions at negative net cost?
  • How can corporate fiduciary responsibility produce energy and climate financial results that investors will applaud?
  • How to find the synergy between environmental and investor interests?

How to meet the challenge of global climate change is now a fundamental consideration of many businesses.  We help design profitable strategies that serve the people-planet-profit interests of investors, companies, employees, communities and the global environment.

We work with companies, industry associations, communities, and stakeholder groups. We combine rigorous engineering, economics, financial analysis and business planning with facilitated communication, highly creative problem solving and design science.

Clients expect us to produce feasible, implementable, practical and profitable solutions, and broad consensus among stakeholders.

What we do:

Business planning in the renewable energy and energy efficiency technology sectors

Corporate and community energy and climate strategy

Renewable energy power plant economic and financial analysis

Market research

Energy policy analysis

Creative problem solving and design for new products, services and strategy

Collaborative conversations and facilitation

Next Steps: how can we help accelerate your energy transition?

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